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Our policy is to deliver original, pre-loved wedding gowns from times gone past, retaining and restoring authenticity but at the same time providing an ethical and unique alternative to modern, manufactured dresses. All of our original period gowns are handpicked and come to you in immaculate condition. We also believe you shouldn’t be paying through the odds to get the dress of your dreams – an ethic that is reflected in our affordable pricing. Vintage at Number 18 is a truly unique vintage wedding store nestled in the heart of Blandford Square, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Our small boutique store offers a veritable treasure trove of retro dresses, original Vintage Wedding dresses and designer accessories which certainly covers everything you could wish for in an authentic vintage bridal dress.

Offering a wide selection of lovingly considered pieces from several different eras, (30’s 40’s 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s), we cater for discerning brides at incredibly competitive prices starting at £175.00

Sashay down the aisle in any of our chic, boho, parisienne, styles hailing straight from the 60s and 70s and you’ll be turning more heads than you ever thought possible!

Alternatively, for the starlet bride, we offer authentic, chic 50s gowns as well as beautiful flowing prairie styles for the naturally understated.

Please note: Our original vintage wedding dresses are pre loved and pre worn and we take great care in washing/cleaning. We have to remember that these dresses could be anything from 30-70 years old and although they have probably only been worn once, they may have spent a great deal of their life in someone’s attic or at the back of a wardrobe so it is amazing to see a new bride in a pre loved dress We hope you will be as happy with your dress as we have been giving them a second chance.

Below are a small selection of brides who have found their dream vintage wedding dress from Vintage at Number 18. (Click to enlarge)


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