Katie, one of our recent brides was one of the most inspirational women we have ever met and we would like to share her story with you.

Here are some gorgeous photos of our beautiful bride Katie in her 1930’s inspired wedding dress.




The day after her fiancé proposed she thought she noticed something unusual, it was a tiny lump in her breast, doctors sent her away saying that because of her age, there was nothing to worry about but she was not convinced and went back to ask for more help. Further tests proved her fears and she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 33.

Katie underwent surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. She visited the boutique on many occasions with her lovely mum and never once did she show what she was going through, we had joy and laughter with funny stories from her mum Helen. Even though Katie lost her hair, she never made it a problem.

Katie had months of treatment but every time she came to try her dress we all were taken aback how stunning she looked. Gradually her hair grew back and Katy from What Katy Did Next designed and created a lovely headpiece to compliment her dress.

Katie is continuing to recover well but we both wanted to share her story as I met a lovely girl who allowed us to make her the dress of her dreams and we both want to raise awareness that breast cancer can happen to anyone. So please check yourselves regularly and if you notice any changes or have any concerns, please pursue them.