About LynneVintage at Number 18 owner
I came from a very creative background with my Dad working in advertising in London in the 1950’s and working with amazing top models and top producers whilst travelling the world. I was lucky enough to meet them and loved the fashion of that era.

I unfortunately did not get the drawing gene but I am able to design and create most things. I am qualified in interior design, having previously renovated fifteen properties, we stumbled across The Square Bubble which is now home to Vintage at Number 18. I knew as soon as we saw the building and what it had to offer that we could change the dreary rooms into something special. A year later we created our fabulous studio showcasing our bespoke and vintage wedding dresses alongside bridesmaid’s dresses designed and created in the UK.  We have just opened an adjoining studio Mr Munro offering stylish suits for the discerning gentleman therefore enabling the whole bridal party to be kitted out all under one roof.

 It was by chance that I started to sell vintage wedding dresses sourced from all over the world and from there, Vintage at Number 18 was born. It soon became apparent that vintage wedding dresses although beautiful are very tiny and not always suitable for the modern girl. I then teamed up with our very talented seamstress and began designing my own range of made to measure vintage inspired dresses. We still offer a huge range of vintage wedding dresses but I love nothing more than getting together with the brides and deciding what they like, going through materials including gorgeous laces, satin and tulles and eventually seeing how beautiful they look in their bespoke dress they can say they helped to design.

Having lived through the 60’s and 70’s as a child, it is a pleasure to be able to offer fashions of yesteryear. Wedding dresses which have lived through decades that bring us pleasure and happy memories today rather than throwaway society we live in. It leaves us to wonder as to what will be offered in the next few decades.

The Studio

We are a bridal boutique offering the finest vintage wedding dresses, bespoke vintage inspired dresses and beautifully designed bridesmaids dresses.

Nestled on a one way street in the vibrant city of Newcastle Upon Tyne, you will find Vintage at Number 18 located on the first floor of The Square Bubble Studio’s just down from the Discovery Museum and Fired Earth. In our studio we meet the brides where they can try on as many dresses as they like, whether it be an original vintage dress or one of our sample bespoke dresses as explained in our bespoke section, you are welcome to try the dresses even if it is just for shapes, necklines and sleeves, we often think we want a certain style but more often than that we find that what we didn’t think would suit, does.

Brides to be can bring whoever they want to the appointment which usually lasts an hour, we feel after this time you have probably tried on as many dresses as you want, but if you feel this would not be long enough then please let us know at the appointment stage.

We offer by appointment only so brides and their friends and family can have the studio to themselves and have no one else watching what they are doing.

We are very laid back and will not dress the bride unless they need help, we feel some girls like privacy to try the dresses on and if confident will come out and show her guests.

We do not pressure girls into making a decision and would rather they went away to think about what they have tried and if they like the idea of a bespoke dress, they can make a further appointment to start the process. We feel that brides should try on as many styles as possible until they find “the one”, whether it be at Number 18 or elsewhere, a bride must feel comfortable and fabulous in their dress on the day.

We would encourage questions either at the enquiry stage or at anytime throughout the process.

Finally, we hope you enjoy the time with us!